Ink Battle

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Use full keyboard to play. See in-game instructions for more details.
Type your heart out to launch units and trigger incredible power-ups as you fight to keep literature safe from the evil ink blots!
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    For those of who couldnt understand the game, really didnt take the time to. You type the word on the paper and the more mana you get, the more fighters you can send out from the top. As you move on through the levels and get more money to buy things in the shop, you eventually can get a turret that backs you up. I really enjoy this game. Gets my typing skills up a bit which helps when Im typing an essay. I must think fast, and this is a fast paced SKILL game.
    by everluna12 on Jun 23, 2013 — flag (inappropriate)
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    its really simple to play all you do is type the words on the pieces of paper to gain Mana or power then the command words are the words at the top underneath the bar depending on how much mana you have then you can make certain commands like when you type dot a dot will apear to fight the ink blots as you move up in the levels you gain power ups and then you just follow the same procedure to summon them you just type the word of the power up you want and if you have enough mana then it should work hope this was helpful because it took me a while to figure it out too but one you have the hang of it its really fun
    by Lolyoumadbroh on Aug 20, 2012 — flag (inappropriate)
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    I really hate this game. I dont understand it at all. I tried it a few times, no examples. The instructions made sense, but does not have enough information. Type a word or command like what Whenever I put a command like attack I keep getting it wrong. Is there so kind of command word
    by puertoricanhottie on Mar 23, 2012 — flag (inappropriate)

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