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About Me:my bff are liv and becky and tara

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Age: 9

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  • hih teens i got to manchester!
    by oliviaxx on May 16, 2009 — flag (inappropriate)
  • hi teens sos that i want at school these 3 days is that ive been sick and stuff that you dont wana here about. i got your last messages, i cant belive that you used to like HARVEY!!!!!!!!!!i want a sleepover soon so wen ever your ready im ready just not this weekend cus im goin to c girls aloud. Ithink when they put starrs on the page i think that they think that were swarin. I really wan you to come round so that you can come with me to get my ears piearced. so please ask if you can just come around just after school 1 day and ask if you can cum wif me.see ya tommorrow if ya red this message today.hope ya ingoyed the party..............seeya.HARVEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT IS RONG WIF YA!
    by oliviaxx on May 13, 2009 — flag (inappropriate)
  • by the way this is suppost to be the last one you read from me but you see the xxxx after an it just came up when i sent it too you. bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by oliviaxx on Apr 18, 2009 — flag (inappropriate)
  • hi athena have you had a good holiday xx
    by oliviaxx on Apr 17, 2009 — flag (inappropriate)
  • hi athena i nhow hgfhbvhdsgfhjdsngvjhxcbhnsdgfdhshhfghjsdgfkshgfhdsfgdjshgfdkxjgfdjskgfjkdshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggg
    by lollove on Apr 17, 2009 — flag (inappropriate)

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